Digital artist

Commission status: open

commission info


Personal use only. Contact me for commercial pricing

Icons/headshot: £10
Bust up: £15
Head-waist: £20
Head-hips: £25
Head-knees: £30
Full body: £35

+ extra people 50% of original price
+ animals - £8-£20
Simple/ plain background - FREE
+ detailed backgrounds - £10-£30

2-4 week delivery
+ rush orders (5 days) - £15

placing an order

DM me on instagram @caitlindrewthis with the following details:

  • email address

  • Image size (story cover, pfp, art scene etc…)

  • References (character(s), pose, clothing, accessories, background, lighting)

  • Any extra details

I can make changes during the sketch process but please try to be as clear as possible about what you want your piece to look like, the more details the better! However don’t be afraid to ask for changes if something is wrong :)


  1. Send me the following details above

  2. Either full or half payment to be made up front

  3. I’ll send you a sketch within 1-2 weeks

  4. Minor changes can be made to the sketch, then it’s finalised

  5. I’ll then add base colours for you to approve

  6. I’ll then send a half rendered progress photo for you to approve

  7. (Any outstanding payments will then be made)

  8. I’ll then send the finished piece to your email

Feel free to ask for progress photos at any given time <3

Terms of service

  • At least 50% of payment must be made up front in GBP

  • Payment preferably to be sent through the friends and family option so I don’t pay the fee. However if you wish to have buyers protection and pay through goods and businesses £2 must be added onto the payment so I get the correct amount

  • no refunds! (unless I personally say I cannot finish the commission)

  • Please credit me when reposting

  • do not edit my art

  • I’m a high school student so turnaround time can vary, please don’t rush me (unless it’s a rush order)

  • No changes can be made to a finished piece (I merge the majority of the layers)

  • I’m allowed to share the commission unless you state otherwise

  • I’ll send the finished piece as a .png and .jpeg to your email

thank you so much for reading! If you have any other questions send me a dm and I’ll be sure to answer <3